Apocalypse BBQ was born In the pandemic of 2020. 


When the world faced a total shut down Many individuals faced a bigger challenge than the covid-19 virus, a sudden and total loss of employment. 


Faced with a Bleak reality, founder & pitmaster Jeffrey Budnechky turned opportunity into triumph, with only a 22” Weber smokey Mountain he lit up a fire and started selling ribs. The fire grew, and soon enough a few racks turned into many, one small smoker turned into two, then three, then four. 


Along the way, a promise was made. To define south Florida bbq. To create with passion, and deliver only the highest quality foods. To stay true to the craft of bbq, while bringing in a south American/Caribbean twist that spoke to the culture of Miami, fl. 


born in the fires of opportunity, committed to quality, defined by culture. This is apocalypse bbq.