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Stage Mist


In the midst of the 2020 pandemic, as the world came to a standstill, Apocalypse BBQ emerged as a phoenix from the ashes.

Amidst the challenges faced by countless individuals due to the global shutdown, one man, Jeffrey Budnechky, saw an opportunity for greatness. With unwavering determination, he transformed adversity into triumph. Armed with nothing more than a 22" Weber Smokey Mountain, he ignited a fire that would change the course of his life forever, and yours too.

From those humble beginnings, selling ribs with a fiery passion, the flames of Apocalypse BBQ spread like wildfire. What started as a few racks of ribs soon multiplied into an army of smokers—two, three, four—each billowing delicious aromas that captured hearts and appetites alike.

But Apocalypse BBQ is more than just a story of growth; it's a promise. A promise to redefine South Florida BBQ, setting a new standard of excellence that can only be found within our walls. We take pride in crafting food of the utmost quality, prepared with love and care that transcends mere sustenance.

Rooted in the sacred art of BBQ, we pay homage to our Miami, FL home by infusing it with a unique South American/Caribbean twist. It's a celebration of cultures, a culinary symphony that harmonizes flavors in a way that speaks to the heart and soul of this vibrant city.

Apocalypse BBQ embodies the spirit of opportunity and the pursuit of perfection. We stand firm in our commitment to delivering an experience that transcends the ordinary, leaving a trail of smoky delight and satisfied souls in its wake.

So, come join us on this extraordinary journey, where the fires of opportunity forged our path, a dedication to quality fuels our every move, and the rich tapestry of culture weaves the story of Apocalypse BBQ.

Welcome to a BBQ revolution, where every bite is a testament to our passion, and every moment spent with us is a taste of something truly extraordinary. This is Apocalypse BBQ, and we invite you to savor it all.

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